a song cover done by me and my friend

yes, i admit it was off beat in places, bbut i did my best in turms of editing, anyways, my friend reece was the mane vocalist, and i was the backing vocals, and because i couldn’t hit the high notes at the end of the song, i made my self sound like a chipmunk. listen to this epickness

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  1. Also the funny thing is, the only thing that was off about it was brandon being like 4 beats behind me. Another thing, the only thing I added to my voice was a limiter and A dEser, as well as some delay and reverb. It sounded pretty good actually.

  2. really @gamerKid? instead of giving helpfull advice, you call them cringe? I mean hey, I don’t mind your honest opinion but giving them actual helpfull feedback could help? you know how that goes?

  3. dude the affects you added to your voice, it just, idk. it wasn’t bad, but it just, it just, user disconnected while inputting text.

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